Vice President (1988 to 1990)
Managing Director (1990 to 1994)

    Cortex Pharmaceuticals

  • a biotechnology company focusing on the neurobiology of aging, particularly Alzheimer’s (a D.H. Blair start-up investment; private placements 8/88 and 5/91; IPO 7/89).

    Wireless America

  • a regional provider of wireless cable TV, a spin-off from General Electric (D.H. Blair acquisition 12/88; private placement 12/89).

    Materials Recycling Corporation of America

  • a Mid-West regional multi-waste recycler (a D.H. Blair start-up investment 6/89; private placement 2/90).


  • a regional environmental consulting and waste remediation business (D.H. Blair investment 10/89; private placements 12/90 and 4/91; IPO 11/91).

    Aqua Care Systems

  • a manufacturer and distributor of wastewater treatment systems (D.H. Blair investment 6/91; 5 bridge financings 12/91-8/93; IPO 10/93).


  • a medical device manufacturer spun-off from Baxter International (D.H. Blair investment 12/89; private placements 6/90 and 7/90; IPO 7/91 and private placement 6/92).

    Managed Health Benefits

  • a cost containment services company for employers and others controlling costs in group medical, workers compensation and disability benefits (a D.H. Blair investment 11/91 and private placement 1/92; A.S. Goldmen PO 8/92).

    TransAmerican Waste Industries

  • a waste disposal company (a prior D.H. Blair investment and IPO; private placement 7/93).

    Premier Laser Systems

  • a proprietary medical laser equipment manufacturer and distributor established in a D.H. Blair led management buyout (9/93-2/94; IPO 11/94).

    Managed Health Benefits

  • 1,237,000 Shares of Common Stock and 1668,000 Redeemable Warrants